Things Considered For E-Commerce Web Development


Website Development is quite a difficult process. While Developing an E-Commerce website a lot of things are kept in mind. As it is a shopping website, the developer has to make it as simple as possible because various users will be coming to the website and everything they process should be very simple. Read more

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Advantages Of Custom Web Development

In this Hi-tech World, everyone needs an online platform to promote their business. For the promotion of the business, the basic thing required is a Website. This website will represent your business online and will engage the audience you are looking for.  The website provides your audience with a brief introduction to your business, and your audience also gets to know what you do and where you are situated. Read more

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Distributed Ledgers: A beginners’ Guide to Blockchain Development Technology

“What Google is to Internet, Bitcoin is to Blockchain?”

Since the 1990’s the grounds of internet have changed from “Internet of Information” to “Internet of value”. It does sounds revolutionary that Blockchain has truly brought everyone to their highest degree of accountability. Now, there are no more human errors, no missed transactions or any transaction which was done without taking the consent of the parties involved.

Blockchain is often known as “bitcoin technology” and is quoted alongside with bitcoins and other crypto currencies. But the grasp of Blockchain extends beyond the realm of e-money.  Bitcoin is just like a digitized version of any asset. Besides, any asset that holds a value can be converted into digital cash or Bitcoin.

The empire of Blockchain is growing exponentially and is disrupting the complete globe with its exceptional powers. Want to know how? Let’s dive a bit deep.

What is Blockchain Technology?

Distributed ledger technologies or the Blockchain disrupt the traditional storing mechanisms of data which were biased due to centralization. Blockchains offer a new way of moving and storing the data in a decentralized way which lives in a state of consensus and periodically self-checks itself for every transaction that has happened during that interval.

Instead of storing information at one single node, Blockchains atomize the information and spread them over all the nodes which are connected in the network. Everything is locked perfectly with powerful cryptographic algorithms and hashing techniques.

But what’s wrong with the way we store information now?

To explain this, I share with you a simple example.

Suppose, your boss asks you to make certain changes in the word file and submit a revised copy. You cannot start the work until you receive the return copy as you cannot edit it till your boss is working over it. This is the traditional way that you both are the owners to that file but cannot edit simultaneously. Now, the answer to this problem came up with Google Docs. Google Docs acts like a shared ledger which means one handy version of the file is always available to both the parties… SO, that saves time and effort.

Similarly, before committing any transactions, banks lock the access then make a transfer and update the account balance. The complete process is time consuming and becomes risky if involving a lot many transactions in a single day.

Moreover, Security is the biggest concern which needs to be addressed effectively in case of traditional methodologies. Tune into news-channel, there are thousands of data breaches happening around the world.

What is the consequence of all that? We as the users are left under the state of vulnerability to fraud and identity theft. Blockchain cannot stop the hackers, but certainly reduce the genuine hacking attempts up-to 99% which are zero in case of traditional approaches.

Why should I go for Blockchain Development?

  1. Disintermediation
    Blockchains rule out the need for any central authority governing the transactions. All the people over the network can perform the transactions directly with each other. It certainly adds the desired trust and reliability towards the network.
  2. Transparency
    As anyone over the network can look into the transactions but even a single attempt to alter any entry gets noticed immediately.
  3. Incorruptible and immutable
    All the transactions made over Blockchain is incorruptible and immutable, means they cannot be altered back.
  4. High quality data
    all the data over Blockchain is consistent, secure, accurate and widely available to every user in the network.
  5. Empowered users
    the users have full control and authority over all their data, information as well as transactions.
  6. Faster transactions
    Blockchain transactions take just a couple of minutes to process whereas Interbank Transactions take days to complete.
  7. Lower transaction costs
    Due to disintermediation; all the overhead cost incurred from the third parties is snapped. This significantly reduced the transaction cost.

Industries revolutionized by Blockchain Development Technology

The benefits offered by Blockchain, besides the colossal demand of Cryptocurrencies, are gianomous enough to sustain their relevance for the generations to come.  Have a look at some industries which are already aboard!!!

Screenshot (2)

All Blockchain solutions:

  • Supply chain Management: The user can easily track and monitor the movement of goods, quantity, logistics involved, payments, ownership etc providing a new level of transparency altogether.
  • Quality Assurance: Any abnormality in the processes chain, Blockchain will help detecting the root cause or the point of origin of the problem.
  • Accounting: Rules out possibilities of data breach, tampering and human errors. Accuracy of records guaranteed with highly traceable auditable trail.
  • Smart Contracts: Digital contracts and agreements which are automatically validated, digitally signed as well enforced using Blockchains. No intermediates required now.
  • Voting: Taking Blockchains into voting, rules out the electoral fraud which almost all the jurisdictions are facing.
  • Stock Exchange: The Australian Stock Exchange is all set to move over a fully secure Blockchain powered exchange. This indeed is a big leap for Blockchains in industrial sector.
  • Global transactions: Blockchains provide a supersonic fast, secure and economical approach for transfer of funds across the globe.

The Blockchain solutions listed above are just a tip of an iceberg; the complete iceberg is yet to be explored!!!

Looking for a reliable Blockchain solution partner?

RevInfotech is a leading Blockchain development company in India providing the most secure, robust and advanced Blockchain development services. The Technical and Management team comprises of the finest brains working round the clock to provide an affirmative and holistic user experience.

The Blockchain developers are well proficient in handling all aspects of Blockchain development such as AI, ML, Data Analytics, smart contracts, IOT etc. Hire RevInfotech’s Blockchain developer for developing a smart Blockchain application, crowdsale Event, tokens or cryptocurrency development, Ethereum, smart contracts, ICO, bitcoin applications etc. Send us your queries at or contact us here.

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A Simple Guide to Internet of Things

The technologists across the world have been seen buzzing around and having impromptu discussions over the Internet Of things or IoT. As we unfold the doors of 2018, IoT services strongly sands to accompany us in the journey. The impact of IoT is ubiquitous and can be seen everywhere from shopping, travelling, healthcare etc. Every single aspect of life is touched by this revolutionizing technology. But what is Internet of Things? How is it affecting our lives? How does it work? Is this technology really Important? Let me answer your questions one by one.

Internet of Things Simplified

The Internet of Things is a concept where every electronic device can be connected to the digital network by simply embedding certain computer chips or sensors. In other words, IoT application development platform is indeed making the electronic things “Smart”.

By getting the devices digitally active, you can communicate with them sitting remotely. Being on a network, these devices can in fact communicate with each other also. So, the internet of things has a ginormous network of connected devices, all of which collect, share and store their data.

IOT application examples: Smart Microwave senses the food inside and automatically adjusts the time require for cooking. Smart cars have an auto-driving mode which is equipped with obstruction sensors. Smart fitness devices monitor your heart rate, blood pressure and glycemic levels and send the report directly to your doctor.

How do they Work?

All the devices and objects with embedded chips or sensors are connected via IoT platform. This platform collects and integrates the data received from different devices in real time. After than analytics is applied to the information collected and the most valuable information is retrieved and sent to the addressing medium such as an IoT android app. You can easily make it designed from an IoT app development company.

For example: The sensors can easily track the data such as moisture, temperature, humidity etc in the environment. This data is potentially sent to the software connected to the device. And you get to know what exactly the environmental conditions in the real time are.

Now days, with the advent of cloud computing, many IT Giants are using data clouds for data storage. The IoT application development platform is so powerful that it can extract the minutest of information as well and intelligently knows what is required. The information received from these devices can be used to detect any patterns, go for any recommendations and even detect the problems before they occur.

Now let’s check how IoT is affecting our Lives:

1.     IoT in our Home

IoT solutions have substantially affected our day to day lives. Smart Alarm clocks automatically adjust the time depending on the weather conditions.  As you need to wake up early in case it’s a rainy weather. I have already mentioned about Smart Microwaves. Other IoT ideas for home include Smart Lights, which can be turned off with just a voice command, Smart Burglar Alarm, water level indicators, smoke alarms, refrigerators, irrigation etc.

2.     IoT in Transport

I have already given an example of smart cars. In fact by using the smart car, the car manufactures can get the details of the car and can get you informed regarding any part getting damaged or requiring repairs. The IoT application development platform uses superior technology that is driving its way in making smart Trains, Smart parking Bays, Smart Shipping, Smart Airlines and smart courier tracking etc. N numbers of innovative IoT app ideas are getting developed by IoT software development companies which promise to double the statistics of connected devices in 2018.

3.     IoT in Health Care

The Health care and Pharmaceutical sector have been completely revolutionized by the realization of IoT innovative ideas. Now you can have ingestible pills inside the body and get to know the root cause of your ailment. Smart heath tracking devices, which send the data/report directly to the doctor even if he is at a remote location.  IoT application examples include Bi-wearable’s, Smart-Hospitals, Smart-Inventory and food sensors as well.

4.     IoT in Industries

The IoT tools and technologies have significantly reduced the role of human intervention. As the devices are becoming smart, they are capable of analyzing the situation and taking the decision in the real time. Industries such as Electrical Distribution, Maintenance, Surveillance, emergency Services, and Waste Management have all been avidly using the Internet of Things to pace with the changing technological trends.

RevInfotech is the leading IoT Development Company in India with its head offices at Gurugram and Ludhiana. Get yourself comprehensive IoT solutions developed by the seasoned IoT developers at RevInfotech. The Company offers pioneering and incredible IoT Development Services at very competitive prices.

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Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Tech Panel

Join us Thursday, Feb 3rd in the Revinfotech Pvt Ltd for an evening of networking and an expert panel discussion on blockchain and cryptocurrency!
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The recent cryptocurrency boom and the blockchain technology behind it is becoming hard to ignore. This new technology is breaking historical thresholds at an unprecedented rate and we’ve got questions. RevinfoTech are partnering up to bring you an expert panel discussion on this new technology, it’s many different uses and the impact it’s currently having in the tech world.


• 2:00 PM – 3:00PM | Networking • 3:00 – 3:45PM | Panel Discussion
• 3:45 – 5:00PM | Audience Q&A
• 5:00 – 6:30PM | Networking & Event Wrap Up


• Overview of blockchain technology
• Use cases for blockchain
• ICOs
• Token concept and token economics
• Platform and smart contract development
• Dealing with hacks during ICOs and post-ICO audits
• Listing on an exchange and post-ICO considerations

Revinfotech Team and Navdeep Garg (
(Founder at Revinfotech, Token Economics, Crypto & Blockchain Evangelist)

As a high energy serial entrepreneur, IT Generalist and Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Evangelist, Sean enjoy solving problems. Helping CEOs of blockchain startups structure ICO/TGEs (Initial Coin Offerings/Token Generation Events) by building sound token economics into their platform. Building teams & managing events around DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology) & blockchain that take advantage of network effects. He’s passionate about helping people build & leverage key relationships sharing information that pave ways to long term solutions. These relationships are with people, technology & processes that help others.

Want to learn more about Revinfotech and get involved?

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• What to bring
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• Important to know
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Ultimate Beginners Guide to Ecommerce Web Development

With the advent of the Internet, preferences of people have shifted from real world to online world. The Internet is turning out to the cash cow for more than 95% of the business. And the reason is simple, going digital boost your visibility across the globe, widens your reach and increases the sustainability of your business. The netizens are becoming more dependent on online resources for research regarding their online preferences. The inception of Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra etc have dramatically changed the buyer’s decision-making process. And Yes!! Here they pave the way for e-commerce web development.

What is ecommerce?

E-commerce is just like providing a digital platform for your business through which the buying and selling of products and services can be accomplished. It’s just like an electronic commerce with complete world serving as the marketplace and all the citizens as the potential customers.

How to set up your online store?

Let’s dive into some of the basic pre-requites which are essential for setting up your e-commerce website. In the later stages, I will throw light on the latest technologies and platforms needed for e-commerce website development.

  • Have a Concrete Plan and knowledge about the targeted audience: The first and the foremost requirement for going for an e-commerce website development is that you are clear on your idea. Making a good research and trying to be as innovative as you can in your approach. You should be clear about your targeted audience. Check out some of the competitor’s websites and try to give your users the thing which they (your competitors) are lacking.
  • Domain name: Try to purchase a domain name that is short, easily memorable and can be connected to your business. It will make easier for your viewers to remember the name and for a better search engine results.
  • Designing: I would recommend contacting a professional e-commerce website development company which will not only guide you through the latest e-commerce web development solutions but will impart the desired professional look to your website. Moreover, they have a very vivid approach towards designing an online portal if you are on a tight budget.

Choosing the right Platform

This is indeed a very major step which forms the backbone of your e-commerce website. This decision can actually capable of changing the complete e-commerce game. While deciding on any platform, there are four fundamental factors which affect your decision. They are:

  • Pricing
  • Flexibility
  • Scalability
  • User friendliness

But there are some factors which are quintessential for any e-commerce website. They are

  • Attractive and Responsive Designs
  • Stunning UX
  • Fully Hack proof and malware proof
  • Secure payment gateways
  • Navigation friendly

Popular ecommerce platforms

There are various e-commerce platforms available in the market. Depending on your necessity, feature requirement, and budget, you can pick one. Some of them have an in-built shopping cart while in some you have to embed it. Let’s have a look at top three market capturers.

  1. Shopify: Equipped with stunning designs, feature-rich templates, SEO tools and Google Checkout; Shopify still remains the people’s hot favorite. It supports around 70+ payment gateways and has an in-built shopping cart, which makes it the first choice for any e-commerce web development solution.
  2. Magento: Magento is an open source and self-hosted e-commerce solution which is preferred if you are on a budget-friendly regime. Seamless integration with other systems and high-level reporting are some of its distinguished features.
  3. Bigcommerce: Bigcommerce is a hosted and template-based platform which offers easy navigation and comes with some super sleek designs. It is best in case you have some daily deals, coupon creation, individual discounts and other promotional rules.

Payment Providers

While selecting any payment gateway, you must check for its compatibility with your selected platform. Payment Gateway selection is a critical issue and should be taken seriously. Some of the available gateways across the market are Paypal and Stripe.


The times have changed. You have to fight for your existence not only in the real world but in the digital world as well. If you will not act today, your competitor will. Get your business on the internet else, the business will be out of business. RevInfotech is the renowned e-commerce website development company that believes in omnichannel call and ubiquitous presence served for retail and e-commerce. Our award-winning technical team uses the most advanced and top-notch technologies for the e-commerce website development which are attractive, secure, robust, scalable and 100% responsive. Feel free to discuss the ideas your ideas at or you can also contact us at +91-124-4642767

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Beginners Guide to Custom Web development

“First Impression is the last impression!!!” Whether it’s a school, local flower shop, hospital or business, your website is indeed the biggest digital asset responsible for your longevity, visibility and sustainability. You may feel tempted to buy a beautiful looking template, but is it really compatible for your business? Will it provide the necessary scalability in future? The answer is undoubtedly NO. Custom web development is the need of the hour. It is an ideal and effective solution to personalize your website according to your needs and requirements.

What is custom web development?

Custom website development means enhancing the front-end and backend of your website so as to make the website unique, responsive, robust and scalable. This includes enhancing user Interface, re-programming or developing dynamic pages, incorporating feedback and logging mechanisms, generating leads & content creation, enhancing Search Engine Optimization and much more.

Benefits of Custom web Development

Now, let’s look at some of the advantages of customized websites over the pre-built ones.

1.     Effective Branding and Versatility

Creating is a website is not a big task but the biggest challenge is how to stand ahead of competitors. When you pour your brand image into generic templates, most of them backfire. Reason? It’s simple, lack of individuality and uniqueness. When you groom your website around your business, it gives way to appropriate marketing, promoting and branding.

2.     Ensures Scalability checks

You never know the future needs. Thinking of scaling up a business on a pre-built template is a tough, rather an impossible task. A custom designed website ensures that it is developed on latest platforms and technologies keeping space for all the futuristic needs for expansion. On a pre-built template, you need to accrue additional cost to maintain the same.

3.     SEO Friendly

The presentation, architecture and coding of the website are equally responsible for the success of Search Engine Optimization. Google indexes the fast loading and responsive websites higher as compared to others. A good web designer will keep all these parameters fulfilled in his design model. Going for a pre-built template, you often compromise on the technical aspect of your website which hinders the online visibility as well as user experience.

4.     Go Bizarre!!

With customized websites you can design even the craziest of ideas. So, go crazy and give wings to your dreams with customized website solutions. The pre-built templates are all designed to serve a particular category, but with customization options you can design your own categories.

5.     Impeccable Control

If your website is groomed by seasoned and experienced professionals, you can expect an impeccable power to your website. Think of any functionality and it is there.  Whether it is an ecommerce section, embedding social media, customized payment gateways or other advanced features, all can be integrated as desired.

Front End Custom Development

Website is the heart of your digital marketing campaign. A well tailored website adds credibility to your business. Front end customization involves enhancing and optimizing the visuals or in other words, “User Interface”. Starting from catchy stock images, parallax effects to beautiful slide out menus, all the front end elements are custom fit.

Back End Custom Development

User Experience (UX) is the new dimension which every website tries to acquire. Custom built websites not only offer amazing UI but incredible UX too. Back End customization is all about optimizing data and the database.  Database is the main driving force behind any website. Most of the websites require back-end programming for data syncing, maintaining in-house data systems or sometimes adding dynamic content to the database.

Winding Up

Low budget and poor coding skills are the only two reasons responsible for opting pre-built templates. Choosing such a template means compromising on scalability, adaptability and even risking the security of your website. RevInfotech can help you design and develop your biggest asset i.e. your website with its pioneering custom web development services. The adroit professionals at RevInfotech offer incredible and innovative custom web development services In India.

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RevInfotech- BPM & IOT Consulting | Custom Web and Mobile Development

RevInfotech is the leading and award-winning IT & BPM firm based in India. The company believes in marking an impeccable presence across the digital world. The substantial contribution from RevInfotech has helped to boost the Digital Transformation across many organisations. We follow a very simple and straightforward approach which is to optimise, digitise and fully automate the traditional workflows. This approach improves the overall business growth and increases the credibility & trust for that organisation. IoT, which has totally revolutionised the Digital World, has its dependency on BPM solutions. BPM solutions help monitor, track and retrieve data from smart objects. Thus, helping the sensor to connect with the desired API.
The technical team at RevInfotech comprises of the most talented brains and intellectuals which are selected after 7 rounds of screening. The adroit professionals work delicately for the implementation of best BPM & IOT consulting solutions so that our clients stand unbeatable against their competitors. We have been developing, implementing and delivering custom web and mobile development solutions at competitive prices ensuring 100% customer satisfaction at the same time.

1.     Custom web development

RevInfotech facilitates with an opportunity to deliver the best innovative, unique and inspiring web designs and services at competitive prices. We have the best custom web development team, which is selected after various rounds of recruitment process. The developers are well seasoned and experienced in their respective domain. Each and every website is crafted with love and passion with zero duplicacy and plagiarism. Our designers can design even the weirdest and craziest of ideas ever. We, at RevInfotech ensure to make your business into a brand by ensuring your best online presence and visibility. All the websites developed here are 100% responsive & pass the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) validation tests. Click for Custom Web Development Services

2.     Ecommerce web development

RevInfotech offers amazing and incredibly great designs for all your ecommerce web development solutions. We ensure a great UX and UI by providing fully responsive designs/ themes which are completely flexible & scalable. We have the award-winning web designers and the most seasoned programmers who are working dedicatedly to beautifully tailor and customize your ecommerce website.  We have an unbeatable track record for retaining maximum number of clients in India as well as internationally. With a span of over 10 years we have served 500+ happy and satisfied clients. RevInfotech follows a straightforward, well-defined and channelized approach for every project by properly defining the roadmaps and milestones.

3.     CRM

RevInfotech has emerged out to be a global leader in providing Customer Relationship management solutions (CRM) which are not only unique & innovative but makes our client have an edge over their competitors. We are best known for delivering comprehensive CRM solutions which are rich in features and are easy to use & manage.  Our Professionals are well motivated to give a substantial boost to your comprehensive CRM solutions. CRM is indeed a very essential component / strategy which lay a strong foundation for the longevity and sustainability of the organization.

4.     BPM

Business process Management lays the foundation of success and longevity by channelizing all the traditional workflow within an organization. RevInfotech’s BPM solutions help to break the rigid traditional approaches towards business management and focus on digitizing the compete process.  Our BPM solutions follow a simple four step strategies which are 1. Modeling  2.Executing 3.Optimizing and 4. Monitoring. Our technical experts ensure the lowering of your operational cost as well as inefficiencies which therefore boosts the functional efficiencies thereby increasing the satisfaction level. RevInfotech’s BPM methodology follows a closely knitted monitoring and analyzing system.

5.     IOT

IOT is the future of Digital Technology. It is indeed the call of the hour. RevInfotech is heading towards becoming an unbeatable giant in providing IOT solutions across India and abroad. The purpose behind IOT is to make automate the electronic devices ultimately leading to a ‘Smart World’!. All those devices which can be attached or can be embedded a computer chip, are eligible for becoming “smart”.  IoT devices can be managed, controlled as well as operated even from the remote location by installing relevant sensors in them. Our IOT solutions have set in new benchmark in the IoT industry by as we offer fully flexible, scalable and secure devices.

6.     Mobility

RevInfotech’s mobility solutions boost your success by pushing up your ROI and online sales by following well-defined approach and making intelligent decisions. Seamless communication, collaboration and connectivity are all main things which are required for successful operating of any organization.  Our mobility solutions improve the customer and employee interaction in real time. Our technical experts ensure a seamless and incredible user experience and real-time engagements not only in office, but in field as well.

7.     Cloud Computing

RevInfotech offers highly flexible, scalable, robust and secure cloud computing solutions. The technical team at RevInfotech offers comprehensive and most innovative cloud computing solutions which not only boost the growth of your organisation but also stabilises the growth chart. With the advent of technologies such as  Saas (Software as a Service), IaaS(Infrastructure as a service), PaaS (platform as a Service) eliminates the need for purchasing expensive software or Infrastructure. You just need to pay what you use. The main advantage of RevInfotech’s cloud solutions is that, you can do the updation/ storing/ uploading/ accessing of the files easily and in the real time.

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